Planning the Perfect Graduation Party

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Celebrate the Achievement!

How to Plan a Graduation Party

The hard work over all the years has finally paid off, and graduation day is here!  The papers, the tests, and the long nights are all over, and this is the day to celebrate the start of a new adventure.  What better way to celebrate this great accomplishment of your loved one than with a graduation party!  It may seem like a big undertaking to throw a party, especially during such a busy time, but with a little planning ahead and creativity, it can be an enjoyable event that people will remember for years to come.

Choose the Grad Party Format

There are two basic formats to choose from for a graduation party.  There can be a certain time at which guests are supposed to arrive, and the party lasts for a couple of hours, much like a traditional birthday party or shower. Many graduation parties though are an open-house, and guests can come and go as they please during the set hours.  Each of these formats has its pros and cons, and one will usually work better than the other depending on the circumstances.

The open-house format will probably work best in most situations.  On the invitations, let guests know the hours during which the party will be and allow guests to come and go as they like during these hours.  This works well with graduation parties because many times, people are invited to several parties on the same day.  This gives guests the flexibility to attend all the parties they like.  They can plan their day accordingly, and be able to congratulate as many special graduates as possible.

The other format which gives a definite arrival time to the party could be useful in other situations.  This may be the case if the party is smaller.  If just a few family members and close friends are coming, it might be best to start everything at the same time.  The activities planned may also make this format useful.  If there is a nice meal planned, or you want a group picture, everyone will need to be there at the same time.  This format could also work well if the graduate is graduating at an odd time of year or the party is not on the same day as most other parties.

Choose the Graduation Party Location and Venue

The possibilities of the location of a graduation party are endless.  They could be anywhere from the graduate’s house, to an outdoor location at a park, to a nice rented hall.  This really is a matter of preference.  If the gathering is to be smaller, then having the party at home could work well.  If the weather is nice, most of the festivities could be in the backyard, and if the weather becomes inclement, everything could be brought indoors.

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Outdoor parties at parks and pavilions are a lot of fun, especially on warm, sunny days.  They usually have a carefree, casual feel which goes well with the occasion of being able to relax for a bit after graduation.  Be sure to plan carefully though, because the weather can also ruin the party.  If you plan to have an outdoor event, it is much less risky to have an indoor location as a backup in case inclement weather occurs.

You also may choose to have the party at an indoor location.  These have many advantages as well.  Weather is not an issue at all, they can be easier to decorate, and facilities such as restrooms and a kitchen are often much more readily available.  There is also more flexibility in the environment.  While the home parties or especially outdoor parties tend to have a more casual feel, indoor parties can much more easily be as casual or as elegant and formal as you like.

Choosing the Graduation Party Menu

The menu for a graduation party can be just as versatile as the location.  Of course, the menu will need to consist of foods that the graduate and the other guests will enjoy, and keeping in mind the atmosphere that you are creating will help with this.  For instance, if you are doing a backyard barbeque or outdoor party at a park, you may want to grill hotdogs and hamburgers.  If it is indoors, you may want cold cuts and pasta salad.  Again, this can be as gourmet or as casual as you like.  You may choose to do the cooking yourself, ask some friends to help or have it catered.  It completely depends on your preference and what your budget allows.

Decorating the Graduation Celebration Location

Decorations for a graduation party can be elaborate but are usually fairly simple.  For the color scheme, you may wish to choose the graduate’s favorite colors or the school’s colors.  Around typical graduation times, basic graduation decorations are readily available at many stores for low prices, and can easily add graduation flair to the atmosphere you are creating.

As with everything else, the decorations can be as elaborate or simple as you want the party to be.  If it is a simple, casual party, you may just want to put up a few streamers and hang a congratulatory banner on the wall.  Don’t feel restricted to the graduation section of the store though.  The housewares section may have some staple items like large serving bowls in fun patterns, or the wedding section may have items to give a more elegant touch.  Use your creativity to make the party area your own.

Giving a graduation party is a fun way to celebrate this great accomplishment of your loved one.  With some work and creativity, it will be an occasion to remember for many years.  Don’t forget to take pictures and enjoy the fun on this very special day.

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