Fabulous Ideas for an Intimate and Memorable Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Meal with Family

Tips for Creating a Smaller, Memorable Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is usually the occasion where family — be it distant, immediate, or chosen members — gather together to celebrate all that they’re grateful for.  However, due to the pandemic that affects how we celebrate this year, it will be quite unusual for most families.  Likewise, you can still plan a memorable albeit intimate Thanksgiving celebration.  Here are some excellent ideas for planning a remarkable Thanksgiving dinner:

Consider a smaller bird

Before the pandemic, buying a large turkey or ham seemed appropriate for a huge family celebration.  This year instead of going big, consider the limited amount of guests you’ll be feeding.  You can save money, time, and space in your fridge by getting a small amount of sliced ham or turkey, opting for pre-cooked turkey cutlets, or purchasing turkey breasts that can be spruced up. 

Opt for a Potluck Style Dinner

Should you decide to have a few guests over in addition to those already in your household, relieve yourself of the pressure by hosting a potluck dinner.  You can still have a small menu, but by hosting a potluck dinner, you’ll be able to cater to everyone’s preference without being burdened by all of the preparations or cleaning up yourself.  Make sure to remind everyone to follow proper COVID protocols when preparing their assigned dish.

Host a Thanksgiving Brunch

Had enough of the usual Thanksgiving food choices? Or maybe you just like to create new traditions with your loved ones. Opt for a Thanksgiving brunch instead.  This is perfect for essential workers who won’t be able to be home with their families for dinner or for people with kids who can get rowdy by evening.  Serve easy to prepare dishes that still feel festive, like omelets, bacon, sausage, or French toasts, or you can go big and make your usual holiday favorites.  Whatever option you choose, remember to create a delectable brunch menu that everyone will love.

Go on a “Food Journey”

The pandemic has prevented people from being able to travel as they typically would during Thanksgiving, being able to savor food from other countries has been restricted as well.  Don’t worry because you can still bring the culture to your table.  Whether you’re craving Asian dishes, mouth-watering Italian meals, or even some good ol’ southern cuisine, there are various delectable menus you can make for your guests to offer something unexpected.  This is the moment to whip up all those delicious family recipes you’ve always loved growing up in Morgantown, WV, or wherever your hometown is.

Create a Thanksgiving Dessert Buffet

Depending on your culinary skills, dessert-making can take up a huge chunk of your meal prep time — especially if you want to make elaborate pies.  Save yourself all the effort and time by doing something new instead.  Prepare simple desserts using the ingredients you already have in your fridge or pantry.  There are lots of options from no-bake cakes, churro chips, crustless fruit pies, to fried ice cream.

You don’t have to be an expert in event planning to host a memorable Thanksgiving dinner.  What matters is that you’re having a great time with your family and friends.