Boy or Girl? Fun and Unique Gender Reveal Party Ideas

Many couples host gender reveal parties to announce the gender of their babies.  It’s a great way to share the exciting news with family and friends.  There are many unique gender reveal party ideas that you can incorporate in your event planning. 

purple and red balloons
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The Balloon Pop Reveal

This is a cool alternative for a piñata and you can also use this for a gender reveal photoshoot.  Fill a huge balloon with blue or pink confetti and then pop it to reveal the baby’s gender.  You’ll also save money because you can give the colored balloons as souvenirs. 

The Cake Reveal

Sharing a cake is always a nice way to celebrate.  For your gender reveal party, you may use a special cake to announce the wonderful news.  Furthermore, you can also make the cake yourself and spend the money on cute baby clothes instead.  It’s easy: just add pink or blue food coloring to the batter and frost the cake’s exterior with a gender-neutral color (white or yellow).  At the party, cut the cake and serve cake slices to your guests.

The Confetti Reveal

This budget-friendly gender reveal party idea also photographs well.  Get some blue or pink confetti or cut-up pieces of colored paper.  Put them in small bags and hand out to guests and have them throw it at the same time.

The Bow and Arrow Reveal

Place a balloon on a target filled with blue or pink paint inside.  Use a bow and arrow to hit the target to reveal the baby’s gender.  The baby’s father can do this instead of the mother for safety purposes.

The Straw Reveal

Get some color-changing straws and have everyone place them in drinks at the same time to find out the baby’s gender.  This is an excellent option for couples who need last-minute party ideas since you can find these online.

The Volcano Reveal

This party idea is perfect for siblings.  Get your kids involved in the gender reveal presentation by using a volcano.  They can create a volcano out of paper mache.  Fill the volcano with water, dish soap, and vinegar, then either blue or pink food coloring.  During the gender reveal party, have your kids add baking soda to make the volcano emit colored lava.

The Nursery Art Reveal

Get different shades of blue or pink spray paint and wrap the bottle with white paper to conceal the color.  Install a white canvas and let your guests gather around it.  Let your guests spray the canvas at the same time.  Once everyone is done, you’ll have a cool piece of art to hang in the nursery.

The Bonfire Reveal

This is an awesome idea for a fall gender reveal party. Gather all your friends and family around a bonfire and throw in a flame-color-changing chemical to reveal your baby’s gender.  Make sure to do it in a large outdoor venue to avoid unfortunate events.  If you live in Morgantown, WV, then it would be easy for you to find the perfect outdoor venue. The Lake Manor in Morgantown has a beautiful lawn that would be perfect for an outdoor party.