How to Plan A Unforgettable Family Reunion

Planning a Reunion? Here’s Where to Start:

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This year has been really tough and everyone misses their families.  Likewise, the holiday season makes us want to be reunited with our loved ones.   A family reunion is an excellent way to rekindle your relationship with your family.  Don’t worry because you don’t have to be an event planning genius to organize one.  Here are some useful tips for planning a splendid family reunion:

Choosing the date 

It’s important to start choosing the date as early as possible.  You can even plan it at least 6 months in advance.  You have to remember that everyone should be able to attend the reunion on that day.  Therefore, inform everyone ahead of time so they can plan accordingly.  You can also solicit their suggestions for the venue, theme, or food options.  

The Budget

The cost can be a huge factor in attendance.  Likewise, you must keep the costs down or give family members ample lead time to budget.  You can even inform your relatives a year before the reunion.  However, if you think that money is no issue, then by all means organize it right away.  The key is to come up with a reasonable budget that everyone will be happy with.  Likewise, make sure to give out financial updates from time to time.

The Invites

Just like any other celebration, you should send invitations as soon as possible.  If you have enough time and budget, then you can send a whimsical card or even a cool flyer.  Likewise, if you want to be eco-friendly, then you may send emails instead. 

The Venue

You might live close to your family.  However, some people live far and would need to travel for a reunion.  The venue should be close enough so that your relatives won’t have to spend a lot of time traveling. Furthermore, It should also be spacious enough to accommodate everyone and their respective families.  If you chose to have your reunion in Morgantown, WV, then The Lake Manor would be the perfect choice.  It’s a charming Georgian-style house that has everything you need for a memorable family reunion.  They also have relaxing surroundings, decadent accommodations, and a wide array of event spaces.

Delegate Tasks

Let’s face it, no single person can manage all the aspects of the family reunion.  You can be the chairperson and delegate the tasks to your family members.  Let them decide which committee they want to belong to.  That way everyone would be willing to do the tasks assigned to them.  Remember, the bigger the event the more people you’ll need to recruit.  Here are some committees you need to assemble:

Finance Committee – handles the funds, maintains the budget, in charge of purchases

Venue Committee – sources the accommodations and other related tasks

Food Committee – deals with the menu and caterers 

Entertainment Committee – organizes the activities like games and ice-breakers

Decor Committee – in charge of the decor and theme 

Welcome Committee – creates the name tags, registration, and helps people mingle

Lastly, make sure that you take as many pictures or videos as you can!