Keeping it Simple: Why You Should Consider a Minimalist Wedding

minimalist wedding dress

In Light of Covid, Why You Should Consider a Minimalist Wedding

Are you busy preparing for your own wedding?  Or are you in charge of organizing one for a friend?  Have you considered a minimalist wedding? It’s the hottest wedding trend right now.  Do you need wedding planning tips?  Here are some wonderful ideas to inspire you.

How to Plan a Minimalist Wedding


One of the first tasks in organizing a wedding is finding a venue.  Since you’re opting for a minimalist style, you want a space that doesn’t have many adornments.  Ornate curtains, patterned rugs, or too many paintings detract from the theme.  Due to their ability to blend with any theme, warehouses and tents are the perfect blank canvas for a minimalist wedding.  However, you can still use other venues like ballrooms, barns, gardens, and greenhouses.  The key is to find a venue that’s stunning enough without adding any enhancements.  The Lake Manor in Morgantown, WV is a great venue for your wedding because it has a charming garden that complements a minimalist theme.  It also has a wedding center that can accommodate up to 75 guests.

Minimalist Wedding Dress

Similar to your venue, your wedding dress is the second element that ties the event together.  Likewise, to really own the minimalist theme, your dress should follow suit.  It’s best to avoid anything with lots of bows or jewels and keep the train and layers to a minimum.

Minimalist Decor Ideas

A minimalist theme doesn’t mean you exert less effort.  Think of the phrase “Less is more.”  It’s a no-fuss design aesthetic where every detail is chosen with care.  Opt for clean lines and neutral colors.  Black, white, cream, and gray are commonly incorporated in the color scheme.  However, you can still use color as long as you use it in moderation.

Minimalist Wedding Invites

Set the vibe for your minimalist wedding with clean, simple wedding invites and save-the-dates.  If you’re going to use color, then do so sparingly.  Let the fonts and simple graphic elements be the focal point.

Minimalist Wedding Bouquets

Remember to create bouquets that accent the decor without overpowering anything else.  You don’t want them to overpower your simple wedding gown.

Minimalist Wedding Cake

No doubt, an all-white wedding cake is a perfect choice for a minimalist wedding.  Although, if you want to add color, then do so minimally to ensure the texture of the cake stands out.  To add some dimension, consider white flowers or decorations.  Also, don’t use cake toppers.

Minimalist Wedding Chairs

Keep your decorating work to a minimum and select chairs that speak on their own.  You can opt for a more rustic look and use wooden chairs.  Or project a chic vibe with clear chairs that also make smaller spaces feel less cramped.

Minimalist Wedding Table

The limited amount of color at your wedding keeps it feeling fresh.  Likewise, lots of color and activity can be overwhelming and will clash with a minimalist wedding theme.  Stick to a neutral with one color mixed in, if you have to.  Choose the same color you have on your invitation for a more coordinated color scheme.

Remember, a minimalist wedding doesn’t have to be plain and basic.  Go ahead and tweak it because at the end of the day what matters most is you’re happy with the results.

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