Top Tips for Planning a Wedding Reception

pink draped reception table

How to Plan a Wedding Reception

Most couples stress out about planning their wedding reception. Here’s a tip: take a deep breath, close your eyes (or not) and think about the best events you’ve attended as a guest. Whether these events were work functions, birthday parties, weddings, even dinner parties, they probably all had one thing in common — you felt that the host made an effort to make sure you had the best time.

Planning your wedding reception from a guest’s perspective will help you come up with great ideas on how to execute it well. Think about what your guests would need and want so they can have a wonderful time at your wedding reception. These are some useful tips:

Choose the right wedding reception venue

Your venue can be the most gorgeous place ever, but if your guests are uncomfortable in any way, they might not remember your reception so fondly. Consider these important details when looking at a wedding reception venue: ample parking space, climate control, clean restrooms, and of course, making sure that it can accommodate all of your guests comfortably. Furthermore, if you want to have it outdoors, you also have to make sure that it has an indoor space (a plan B), in case of inclement weather.

Set up Interactive Food Stations

Tasty dishes make for a great reception, but you can take it to the next level by allowing guests to customize the food to their liking. Install interactive food stations like a burger or a taco bar, where your guests can customize their food will encourage them to have a good time. This also makes your guests interact better with each other.

Be Thoughtful with the Seating Arrangements

Remember, a solid seating arrangement is key. The rule is simple: place guests with people they know and can get along with. Playing cupid might seem like a good idea, or force people to sit with strangers to make new friends — but take note, they also want to catch up with their long-time pals. Sit people with fellow guests in the same age group and let your college pals sit together.

Make sure that Guests arrive Safely and On Time

Transportation is another important factor in a wedding reception because it can have an impact on the guest experience. Thinking of having your wedding in Morgantown, WV? Provide out-of-town guests with shuttle service to and from your reception venue. It is an additional expense, but proper transportation also avoids anyone drinking and driving. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Give Guest Amazing Favors

Wedding favors are the cherry on top of a gorgeous reception. Show your guests that you appreciate their presence by offering take-home treats like artisanal desserts, a bag of your favorite coffee beans, cute potted herbs or a souvenir engraved with your initials and wedding date.

These are just some ideas for planning a beautiful wedding reception. As you go through the planning process, remember to plan not only a wedding that reflects your personality but also one that your guests will remember for years to come.