Choosing Your Wedding Color Palette

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How to Choose Colors for Your Wedding

One of the important elements of wedding planning is selecting your wedding colors. Once you have set the date and chosen a wedding venue, you can start thinking about your wedding color. However, choosing your wedding colors can be challenging and stressful. Don’t worry, we have some amazing tips to help you decide:

Select a base color

Your base color will be the most prominent hue throughout your wedding. It is good to choose a color that you really love. The base color should be a reflection of your personality as a couple.

Modern weddings are becoming bolder when it comes to color schemes. Have fun and don’t shy away from non-traditional wedding colors. After you have selected the base color, the next step is choosing a handful of complementary accent hues — it can be two or more. The accent colors will add dimension and variation to avoid the colors from looking too matchy.

Consider the Wedding Venue

Remember to wait until after you have booked your wedding venue before you decide on your wedding color theme. The interior might have wall art, decorative accents, or other design elements that could clash with some colors. You don’t have to really match your colors to the decor of your venue, but make sure that they go well with the venue’s style and vibe. So, if you’re getting married in a beachside location, the pastel colors of the beach and sea would be perfect or the bold colors of the sunset could look awesome.

Choose Colors that Fit Your Wedding Season

Although there’s no rule that says you have to match your wedding colors with your wedding season, we can’t deny that some hues look better during certain times of the year. Typically, bright and bold colors are more appropriate for a summer wedding, while pastel colors are generally associated with spring weddings.

Select Flattering Colors

You can be a little selfish when choosing your wedding palette. Depending on your outfit, you may be wearing at least one of your wedding colors on your wedding day. Therefore, you have to select the hues that flatter your skin. Also, you have to consider the wedding entourage’s attire because you will be standing next to them in pictures the entire day.

You can pick universally flattering hues – medium and darker colors, like navy, red, and eggplant are some of the best choices. This will keep everyone (including you) looking their absolute best.

Consider Your Wedding Style

Identifying your wedding style or theme is also a vital step when selecting your wedding colors. Just like the seasons, some hues are best suited for certain themes — for example, an elegant 1950’s theme wouldn’t mesh with bold colors like fuchsia or bright orange, while navy and beige would look out of place at a bohemian-style wedding in Morgantown, WV.

It is very easy to pick a wedding color once you’ve selected your wedding style. You can do a process of elimination to help you decide which colors would be more suitable.

Have fun and select the colors that speak to you!

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