Need Help Planning? Ask Mom!

Wedding planning can be a very stressful and overwhelming process. You have to make decisions about the wedding dress, decor, theme, venue, entertainment, food, and even your honeymoon.

The amount of effort, time, and money invested in a wedding is no small thing. However, if you have a mom who can help in planning your wedding, then you are one very lucky gal.

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What is the Role of a Mother of The Bride in Planning a Wedding?

Being a mother of the bride comes with expected responsibilities and duties. Depending on her abilities and skills, she can assist you in some aspects of your wedding planning.

You have first-hand knowledge of the kind of help she can offer. Assign tasks that would require her to use her talent and skills. Nonetheless, if you need a guide on mother of the bride duties then continue reading.

Research and Choose Venues

Usually, the mother of the bride assists in scouting for ceremony and reception locations. You can ask her to accompany you on-site visits or you can ask her to call for quotes. It is up to you how involved you’d like her to be in scouting for venues.

Organizing the Guest List

Remember that you and your partner should be the primary decision-maker when it comes to your guest list. Even so, the bride’s mom can come in handy by collecting and sending you all the contact info to be included on the master file.

Furthermore, she can contact your partner’s family to confirm who they’re inviting and avoid the difficult task of limiting the number of guests if required.

Help in Contacting Vendors

If you and your partner both have hectic schedules, the bride’s mother can help you by serving as the main contact or an extra point person for your wedding suppliers.

Is your wedding taking place in your hometown? Then she can easily reach out to the vendors since she lives near them.

 Wedding Dress Shopping Buddy 

Choosing the perfect wedding gown is one of the most critical aspects of wedding planning. If you are very close with your mom, ask for her help on decisions regarding your wedding dress. Go ahead and have her tag along with you on dress fitting appointments. This can also be a special bonding moment between you two.

Provide Feedback on the Wedding Ceremony 

The bride’s mother is an excellent resource person to ask about family, religious or cultural customs to include in the wedding ceremony.

You can ask her for advice on what traditions to incorporate or omit in your wedding. Since she has already experienced getting married, she knows the dos and don’ts. Ask her for some tips on wedding etiquette to avoid embarrassing scenarios.

If there’s one person whom you can rely on to help you plan your wedding — it’s your mom. She will give you emotional support, valuable advice, and her time to make sure that you plan your wedding perfectly.

Allow her to assist you in any way she can. She would consider it an honor to help make your dream wedding a reality.


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