Choosing a Morgantown Wedding Venue

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How to Decide Where to Have your Wedding

While practically every aspect of a wedding is optional, from ditching the flowers to wearing suits instead of dresses to forgoing the wedding cake, there is one thing you can’t bypass—the venue! In the end, you’ve got to pick a place for friends and family to gather and celebrate with you.

Choosing Your Morgantown, WV Wedding Venue

The process of picking a wedding venue is not an easy one as it sets the wedding’s tone, style, and budget. After careful considerations, here are the top tips for choosing your dream wedding venue in Morgantown, WV.

Availability of the Venue

While hunting for your perfect wedding venue, ensure you check whether the venue is available on the date you want. While some venues offer online calendars, you can email others for rough availability. An important step you shouldn’t skip is double-checking their availability during your site visit.

Unfortunately, some venues might give up your date on purpose or by a genuine mistake if you don’t confirm your reservation with a deposit. Avoid the panic and pain of getting bumped by asking if you can write a refundable amount to hold the date for some time as you continue with comparison shopping.

Consider Your Budget

Your budget is more than just the cost of renting the space. Some wedding venues in Morgantown with in-house catering will charge a price-per-plate. Floral design and décor will likely drive the cost up. Know what your total budget is and if it’s too expensive, that shouldn’t break your heart. Shop for more affordable venues or scale back your décor and design.

Know Your Guest List and the Venue’s Capacity

Determine how many people you anticipate and the venue’s capacity. Most facilities will require a rough estimate of 2-3 months in advance of your wedding and may need a deposit based on the numbers you provide.

Additionally, contact everyone who did not RSVP and politely ask their response so that you can finalize on food and beverages. This is meant to avoid additional bills of ‘surprise guests’ who never bothered to RSVP but still showed up anyway.

Be Armed with Information

One of the critical things you should understand while you shop for the best location for wedding events in Morgantown is how to carry out logistics. Determine the location and whether you need transport arrangements for your guests. If you anticipate a lot of out-of-town guests, you should ideally pick a wedding venue near a hotel. Ask for the availability of parking, rentals such as chairs and which areas of the property you’ll have access to.

Backup Plan for Unpleasant Weather

If you’re looking at an outdoor event, this step is a must. Celebrating under sunny skies is incredible, but when the heavens open, it won’t be fun without a backup plan.

Before finalizing that contract, ask about the availability of an indoor space in case of inclement weather. This also includes measures for screening the sun. Consult the facility manager about the direction and intensity of the sun in regards to the day and month of your wedding.

The influx of Pinterest weddings has brought in a lot of confusion to couples as most choose venues based on the style they loved online. However, choose a Morgantown wedding location and design that feels authentic to both of you.

The Lake Manor Bed & Breakfast and Event Center is one of the best wedding venues Morgantown, WV offers. Enjoy a fun and romantic wedding at this premier wedding location.

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