How to Choose a Morgantown Photographer for Your Event

Tips on Choosing a Wedding Photographer in Morgantown

Your wedding is an important event and careful planning is a must. A lot of money, time, and effort is invested to make sure that everything comes out as planned. One major decision is choosing a photographer for your wedding. Here are some helpful tips on how to find the right wedding photographer:

  1. Research is key

The first thing you need to do is search for wedding photographers in your area and check out their portfolios. While browsing through a photographer’s portfolio take note of their style and technique. Do you like how they photograph their clients? Remember to also check their website, gallery, and social media feeds. Look for consistency in their work. Try to picture out your wedding venue and look for similar photos to see how a photographer shoots them.

  1. Make a Shortlist

Create a list of at least three wedding photographers. It is recommended that you contact a couple of photographers whose work you love. You should ask if they are available on your wedding date and what their rates are. Most photographers don’t advertise their rates online. Drop them an email and ask to see their rate card. Your wedding photos are a long term investment because you’ll have them forever. Never sacrifice quality by cutting corners. Don’t worry because there are photographers out there for every budget, and even the high-end ones offer various packages to suit different price levels.

  1. Look for a flexible photographer

The photographer you choose must have versatility in styles. See what they can offer. Can they execute a candid or a more formal style? Do they handle both indoor and outdoor situations? Give them details about your wedding so they’ll know what to expect. Are you getting married in the spring or winter? Is the venue in Hawaii or Morgantown, West Virginia? Sharing these details will greatly help them in capturing your wedding the best way possible.  

  1. Establish Rapport

A lot of couples don’t realize that they’ll be spending a lot of time with their photographers on the wedding day. Therefore, both of you should like them and feel comfortable with them. Meet your wedding photographer before your wedding so you can build rapport. If the distance is a problem, then you can go on a video call with them. It might be awkward at first but it would be worth it. Take this opportunity to ask your wedding photographers about themselves, and how they prefer to work on the day. For instance, do they do the portraits and group shots all at once, or on several occasions? Take note that the photographer’s personality and creativity (and your rapport with him/ her) will make your wedding photos captivating, and your expressions more real.

photo of woman taking photo

Remember that some wedding photographers require time. Those breathtaking sunset portraits or amazing drone shots can take a while to execute. Some couples are willing to spend two hours on their portraits, while others would prefer to interact more with their guests. Ask your photographer how much time they need for portraits – while the best ones are flexible their answer should align with your wedding priorities.