Make Your Wedding Memorable with Live Music

Guest Post by Kiara Williams from Key to Adam

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There’s something about live music for a wedding that leaves your guests, family, and you with a memorable and magical experience. Live music brings out the feelings and emotions that can’t be matched with pre-recorded songs.

Delight Your Guests with Live Music

Live music adds a special touch that is beautiful and romantic that doesn’t overpower you or your guests’ conversations on your special day.  Live music is the perfect background music accompaniment to every part of your wedding day, from the moment your guests arrive at the wedding ceremony to the last dance of the night!

Whether you’re having live music during the ceremony, cocktail hour or reception, it will leave your guests talking about your wedding for a long time.

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Pre-Ceremony Music:  Let’s talk about your Wedding Ceremony music. Guests will be arriving and taking their seats up to 30 minutes before the ceremony begins, so why not delight them with gentle background music such as a string quartet, string duo, a harpist or a pianist? It will make your guests relax after the long drive to get to your wedding. Pre-wedding entertainment creates a lovely atmosphere where your guests can mingle and greet each other, without having to shout over loud music or sit in awkward silence!

Consider adding some live music to the Cocktail Hour.  While your guests are waiting for you to get your photos done with your new husband, keep your guests entertained while they are waiting for you.  They can snack on hors d’ oeuvres, sip on drinks, and listen to live music.  Live instrumental music adds a touch of class to any special event.

Bridal Entrance:   This is the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life!  Take your time, walk slowly down that aisle, and soak up every moment!

Unity Ceremony: Some Brides have a song played during this moment but it is totally optional.

Recessional: After your officiant announces to you Mr. and Mrs., you will walk back down the aisle and your Bridal Party will follow… accompanied by the music you have selected for these special moments.

When choosing songs for your wedding, search online to see if there is an instrumental version of the songs you can listen to. Some songs can be too repetitive as an instrumental and you want to make sure you like a song before you ask your performer to learn it. Ask your musician if they have any recommendations for songs you could have performed on your special day.

When hiring live musicians for your special day, you don’t have to worry about if a recording is going to stop before your whole bridal party makes it down the aisle, have someone forget to hit the play button, or accidentally play the wrong song. A musician can slow down, speed up, stop the song, make the song longer, or change the song at any time and make it a smooth transition into each part of your ceremony. This leaves you to enjoy your day without any worries about the musical portion of your wedding.

No matter what you choose for your special day, remember to embrace the moment and soak it all in, because this day is about you and the person you love. Happy planning! 🙂

Key to Adam:  Musical Ambiance for Your Wedding

Key to Adam is an instrumental duo in Upshur County, West Virginia that specializes in live ambient music for weddings and other special events. Kiara Williams, who plays the violin/fiddle, and Adam Moyer, who plays the Finger-style guitar, provides beautiful and romantic background music that doesn’t overpower you or your guests’ conversations.

The relaxing ambiance they create with their music will make your event a memorable and magical experience for everyone. Our music brings out feelings and emotions that can’t be matched with pre-recorded songs.