Gorgeous Wedding Fashion Trends for 2020

Women who will walk the aisle this year, either as a bride or bridesmaid, will be thrilled with the latest wedding fashion trends. Whatever style you like, you are sure to find the perfect outfit for you. No matter the wedding venue, you’ll still look your best. Let’s take a look at the wedding fashion trends for 2020.

wedding dress puffed sleeves

Puffy Sleeves

These aren’t Anne of Green Gable’s puffed sleeves or the same wedding dress trend of the ’80s.  Instead of the extravagant maximalist vibe, the current style exudes romantic elegance. Afraid that it’s too much for you? Choose a slim cut with puffy sleeves and wear simple accessories. If you feel that you aren’t ready to fully commit, then look for a detachable one that you can take off during the after-party or reception.

floral wedding dress

Floral Prints

The latest trend is all about whimsy details. In recent wedding fashion shows, bold floral prints took the stage. These trendy prints add bursts of color and visual interest to the usual white wedding outfits. You can either choose to wear subtle pastel designs or edgy flamboyant floral prints.

airy wedding dress

Light and Airy Dresses

Light-as-air gowns have dominated the 2020 runways. You can opt for sheer sheaths or streamlined ball gowns made of fabrics like organza and tulle. These effortless designs give off an ethereal feel without looking bulky, so you can dance without worrying about tripping and feeling heavy.

sparkly wedding dress (2)


Sparkly and Chic

You can take your pick from subtle bling to full-on sparkly glam. Incorporating sparkles to your dress elevates its glamour factor. It’s perfect for fancy black-tie weddings and makes any woman feel extra special and dressed up.

bridesmaid pants

Pants for the Bridesmaids

Pants are sleek dress alternatives and they look flattering on any figure. This year’s trend features 3D floral designs, metallic beading, and lace details. Opt for these upgraded white suits or jumpsuits to exude a cool vibe.

short tiered wedding dress


Tiered Skirts

If you’re looking for a gown with some extra flair but don’t want to commit to a long train or full skirt, then a dress with a tiered skirt is perfect for you. This dress style is made for twirling and adds gorgeous movement and texture without the heft.

wedding dress with ruffles


A wedding is a great time to flaunt your hopeless romantic side. Nothing says romance better than ruffles. This frilly style adds dimension to a gown’s silhouette and makes any outfit whimsically stylish.

short wedding dress

Short Gowns

This style is perfect for super casual weddings or for those who need an excuse to show off their legs or fabulous shoes. If you want to wear a long dress for the ceremony, then wear a short dress for other wedding-related events (e.g. bridal showers or rehearsal dinners). Short wedding dresses can also be worn in any wedding venue, be it Morgantown or the Bahamas.

touch of color wedding dress

Add a Touch of Color

This year, designers are venturing beyond the usual white bridal gowns and are incorporating subtle colors like baby blue, blush, pastel pink and purple. Some are also using understated splashes of color, while others are opting for daring colors like black and red.

These are just some of the latest wedding fashion trends this year. Expect to see a lot more fresh and exciting designs in wedding dresses in 2020.