2020 Wedding Reception Food Trends: What’s Hot, What’s Not

Wedding trends go beyond the decor and outfits.  This year, wedding reception food options have become more diverse and interesting.  The food selections are now endless and more exciting. Therefore, choosing what goes into your wedding menu is more challenging albeit more fun.  Don’t worry because we have compiled some amazing reception food trends in this guide. Read on to get wonderful ideas about the hottest food trends for 2020 wedding receptions.

wedding food

Food Kiosks

Aside from custom cocktail bars, you can also set up culinary kiosks for your guests.  It’s a great way to let your guests interact with each other in a fun casual way. This is perfect for cocktail receptions where people eat, dance, socialize, or just hang out in the lounge area.  A popular kiosk is a sushi bar, which offers a wide variety of sushi appetizers. If you’re not fond of sushi, then opt for a fondue station. Warm cheese and balsamic gorgonzola jars with charcuterie, fresh fruits, assorted breads, and veggies for dipping is delectable.

Infuse More Color

Color is a key element in the coordination of wedding flowers, linens, and wedding party outfits – so why not in planning your menu?  Many caterers are coming up with creative ways to infuse color into food to match a couple’s chosen color palette. It doesn’t have to be monochromatic and boring.  Ask your caterer to use garnishings that are in the same color family as your wedding colors.  

wedding food desert

Go Green

As sustainable and organic ingredients become more available, many couples want to have at least one green item on their wedding reception menus. You can offer guests fresh salad made with organic veggies as appetizers, or free-range grilled chicken with organic beans for the main course.  Wine and spirit producers are also venturing into organic drink options, so you can ask the caterer to include organic vodkas and biodynamic wines to your bar menu. You can also contact the nearest winery or distillery nearest you to get more options. Morgantown for one has several wineries, breweries, and distilleries producing excellent organic beverages.

fruit and cheese tray wedding food

Light and Healthy

In the past, hosting a huge crowd meant serving heavy fare like greasy fried chicken, rich thick sauces, and deep-fried appetizers.  For 2020, light and healthy is the way to go. The options are endless. You can serve guests antipasto skewers with cherry tomatoes, lettuce wraps with savory Thai sauce, or a ball of mozzarella drizzled with basil dressing.  These bite-sized foods are not only healthy, but they are also actually economical since you’re using a lot more fresh produce on your menu.

wedding food bacon

Go Global 

When it comes to food, it’s all in the details.  Those tiny yet game-changing elements tend to be in the ingredients used by many caterers to give food that distinct character.  Ingredients like Middle eastern herbs, tahini sauces, pink Himalayan or wasabi salt are being used on dishes to add texture and richness to the flavor.

Wedding planning can be very tedious and stressful.  You need to pick out the perfect wedding venue, decor, entertainment, and food.  The kind of food you serve can either make or break your wedding’s vibe. So, you need to carefully select the right food so your wedding guests will remember your wedding for years to come.