Celebrate New Life with a Baby Shower: Planning Tips


There are a few things that are worthy of a celebration and that includes a new life. People love to pamper these adorable babies even before they’re born and the best parents make plans to bring baby home to a world of love, comfort, and beauty.

A great way to feather the nest and welcome your family or friend’s bundle of joy into the world is by throwing a baby shower.

If you’re looking for practical and exciting ideas for an awesome baby shower, then this party planning guide is for you.

Selecting the date and time

Ask the guest of honor to select the date and time for the party. Usually, baby showers are held when the expectant mother is about 7 months pregnant. This is the perfect time frame because she is still able to comfortably entertain the guests. During this time frame, she can also organize the presents afterward and decide what things she still needs before the baby arrives.

Budget and Guest List

Once you have the complete guest list and their contact information, then you can determine the budget. Once you set the budget then you can start choosing the venue and food services. It will be easier for you to plan the other details based on the budget and number of guests.

Sending the invites

It is wise to send out the invitations six weeks before the baby shower. This will give guests plenty of time to reserve the date, RSVP, and buy gifts. For a laid back shower sending invites via e-mail is perfectly fine. If the shower is more formal, then send out paper invites.

The Venue

Take into consideration the time of year, budget, and the number of guests. If you have a few guests, then you can have it in your garden or living room. However, if you have several guests then you may choose a bigger venue such as a nearby restaurant or hotel. If you’re having the shower in the summer or spring, then you can do it in the park. You’re lucky if you live in Morgantown, WV since it has various parks that can accommodate a lot of guests. Contact your local parks department and ask if you need a permit, and include a backup plan in case it rains.

Decor and Menu

Ideally, these details should be finalized at least three weeks before the baby shower. Buy non-perishable decor beforehand and buy or make place cards. If you are decorating with flowers then purchase them a day before the party. Choose menu items that will delight the guest of honor. Expectant moms who are into comfort food might prefer cupcakes, sliders, potato salad, or flavored popcorn.  Opt for miniature portions so guests can easily enjoy the food while taking part in the activities.

Most baby showers include eating, drinking, gift opening, and games. Therefore, it’s vital to organize these activities to create a dynamic flow that keeps the guests engaged. Allow guests at least 15 minutes to arrive and offer them drinks as they come in. Once all the guests are present, start an activity. Serve the food during the gift opening, followed by coffee and dessert.