Fun and Unique Baby Shower Games

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Expecting a baby is always an exciting and wonderful moment.  Friends, family, and even colleagues are always eager to celebrate with the mom-to-be.  What better way to share this thrilling moment than by throwing a baby shower. However, aside from fantastic decor, delectable food, and refreshing drinks, it is also important to keep your guests entertained.  A great way to do that is by introducing unique and fun games in your baby shower. If you are the one in charge of the party planning, then consider these awesome ideas for baby shower games.

“Baby” Songs

Group guests into teams of 2 or 3 people.  Allocate 3 minutes for the guests to list as many songs with the word “babe” or “baby” in the title. The group that has come up with the most songs after three minutes wins.

Toilet Paper Diaper-Race

Tell your guests to form groups of 2, and give each group a roll of toilet paper.  Give everyone 2 minutes to create a diaper made of toilet paper on one member of the group.  The group that makes the best toilet paper diaper wins.

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Baby Animals

Prepare a list of animals and the names of their offspring.  For example, a baby goat is called a kid, and a tadpole that hasn’t yet grown legs is called a polliwog.  Let your guests work in teams to guess the names of 15 or 20 different animal babies.

Popular Baby Names

Each year, a list of the most popular baby names is published.  Select a few different years (you may go way back to the ’60s or ’50s if you want) and see if your guests can guess the top ten most popular names for each year.

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Place Card Mystery

Usually, guests see their name on a place card on their designated tables.  So what if their names were replaced with cool nicknames that the mom-to-be came up with?  Before the baby shower, think of funny nicknames or inside jokes for each guest and write that on their place card.  Once the guests arrive, let them guess who is who based on the nicknames.

Clay Baby

Get some different colored packs of molding clay and allow ten minutes for each guest to design the cutest baby they can.  Ask all your guests to vote on the best-looking clay baby or have the expectant mom choose the winner.

A mom-to-be deserves to have some fun before giving birth.  A baby shower is a great way to share the joy and excitement that a new life brings.  Everyone loves to celebrate the coming of a baby- whether they come from Las Vegas or Morgantown, WV.  Engage the guests in fun and exciting games to make the baby shower an unforgettable event.

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