Top 12 Wedding Trends for 2020



Perfect for pictures, food displays, or anywhere you want to add a fun pop of color- no
pun intended

Big Flower Arch:

Flower Arch and Background

Huge flower arches are impressive. To say the least. Thanks to Prince Harry and Megan’s wedding, who made them so popular, we expect to see them everywhere this upcoming year. They make a stunning photo op for the wedding party and an extraordinary entrance for the bride to walk down the aisle.

Unique Lighting:

Unique Lighting

Take your pick from lanterns, intricate lampshades, star-shaped masterpieces, or stunning chandeliers, whichever one you choose, you will be sure to have “oos” and “ahhs” from guests as they marvel in the spectacular works of art hanging all around them.

Unique wedding lights

Keep It Simple With One Flower:

Wedding Bouquet

It’s amazing how big of a punch just one flower can give! Not only does it look stunning, but it’s also almost impossible to go wrong. The beauty and simplicity of this style make it a trend that will be here to stay.

Let’s Get Personal:

Personalized Plate Cards

How special are these personalized table cards! Perfect for an intimate gathering, they add a thoughtful wedding day message from the heart to the people who you have gathered around you on your big day.

Floating Flowers:

Nothing says magical and romantic like these floating flowers. They bring a delicate and whimsical touch to absolutely any wedding, and they are being used in more unique ways than ever before! What ideas spark your mind?

Ceremonies in the Round:

Intimate Seating for Weddings

This year people are switching things up to create a unique and intimate gathering. Nontraditional ceremonies are becoming increasingly desired and being able to personalize the seating for the ceremony or reception is appealing!

Velvet, Velvet, Velvet:

Wedding Velvet

Can’t get enough of velvet this year. Seriously. Velvet everything! Tablecloths, drapes, dresses, accents; if it comes in velvet, we want it!

Moody Color Schemes:

Wedding Moody Dark Colors

Last year was all about romantic blush colors, but this year things are going darker. People are going bolder in choosing colors that aren’t typically thought as great wedding colors, as well as making the photography subtle and not so bright. This turns out to be a great contrast to wedding styles in the past. It gives the wedding a relaxed feel and a different wedding vibe than most of us are used to.

Color Blocking:

Stunning Blocks of Color

Eye-catching color schemes that are bright, bold, and one of a kind are making a big statement. Colors that you wouldn’t think go together, look marvelous and really bring a different kind of personalization into the mix. Instead of sticking with more traditional wedding colors, you can choose whichever colors speak to you for your big day.

Colored Suits:

Wedding colored suits for the men

The day has come when a tie or vest isn’t the only pop of color on the groom! That’s right, we’re talking suits with some personality. You can gold bold with your choice of color or opt for something more toned down to give a subtle hint of color.

Statement Sleeves:

Bridal Dress Sleeves

Bridal Gown Sleeves

Bridal gowns this year are all about the sleeves. Off the shoulder sleeves that are anything from delicate to over the top (in the best way) with intricate detail and whimsical vibes, will make you feel like you’ve stepped into a land of magic.