Everything You Need to Know About Baby Shower Etiquette

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Attending or hosting a baby shower soon? This is a great baby shower etiquette guide for guests, hosts, and even expectant moms on what to do and what to never do for baby showers.

 When should you throw a baby shower?

Typically, baby showers are held during the near end of the future mom’s pregnancy. However, the date should not be close enough that the baby could unexpectedly pop out. Schedule the party within the 4-6 week range. Before you start the party planning, ask the expectant mom if she is willing to announce her baby’s gender. Some religions don’t allow gender reveals until birth.

 Who should host the baby shower?

Usually, baby showers are thrown by a friend, sister, or mom.  Sometimes a more distant relative, work friend, or employer may host the party, but take note though that you can’t host the shower yourself.

 Who should be invited?

It is a must to invite the people close to the family to join this momentous celebration. Inviting everyone from your social circle should be avoided. A very huge event can seem like a gift grab. You can also have a separate baby shower for your workmates.

What activities should be included in the baby shower?

Think of what the future mom would like the most. You can plan a bunch of fun baby shower games or you can opt for a more classy affair. If the shower is held in a park in Morgantown WV, then you can opt for outdoor games. Themed baby showers are very popular and can be a great way to ensure the gifts tie together perfectly.  You also need to consider timing so you know whether you should serve appetizers and drinks.

 Are men allowed to join?

These are modern times and gender roles are quickly changing so go ahead and invite the daddies and uncles. But if just want to play exciting games with the ladies, that’s fine too. The mom-to-be and the host should talk about the guest list and whether or not to include the guys.

 Can the mom-to-be register for gifts?

The answer is yes. Doing so takes stress off the expectant mom, the guests, and the host. Does the mom prefer all-natural products or a certain color theme? Send subtle messages to attendees with a well-organized registry. Remember, to include a wide range of gifts at various price points so all guests can find something within their budget.

 Can you throw a baby shower for the second child?

It has become very common to celebrate every birth, especially if there is a huge gap in age. Many also throw a “baby sprinkle” which is a low key celebration like a picnic or cocktail party with a pared-down registry.  

 Do I need to send a gift if I can’t attend?

Unlike a wedding, if you can’t attend it isn’t required to send a gift but the mom will surely appreciate it when she receives a nice card. Don’t forget to RSVP whether you plan on attending the shower or not.

 Keep a list of who gave what and get a jump start on thank you cards. Remember, when the baby comes there might not be time to write thank you cards. If you are the guest or host, then make sure the future mom feels loved and pampered.