Unique and Creative Anniversary Party Themes

It takes a lot to keep a relationship afloat. There are a lot of trials and obstacles that a couple must face together. Not all couples can stay together through thick and thin. Therefore, you must celebrate an anniversary the best way possible. Organizing a fun and memorable anniversary party is a great way to honor your relationship. If you are in charge of the event planning, then you’ll surely love these unique and creative anniversary party themes.

Decade Theme

Take your guests on a trip down memory lane by throwing a decade theme anniversary party. For example, if they got married back in 1976, plan a 70’s theme party. Indicate on the invite that “70’s attire is required.” Male guests can wear bell-bottom pants and funky shirts with oversized collars. The ladies can wear colorful boho dresses or a-line skirts with platform shoes. You can have the bakery print their wedding picture into the cake for a more nostalgic feel. Play groovy music and display a large disco ball to further enhance the 70’s feel.

Luau Theme

Think leis, grass skirts, and coconut cocktails and celebrate with a luau inspired anniversary party. Tell the ladies to wear grass skirts or resort-style dresses and the gentlemen to wear cool Hawaiian shirts. Buy coconuts, cut off the top portion, dig out the white meat, and serve beverages in the coconut shells. Garnish the drinks with Hawaiian cocktail umbrellas. Let the guests join a belly dancing competition then give the prize to the best dancer.

girl s in green dress dancing during daytime with leis

You can also have a lei-making contest. Group guests into teams of 5 or more. Provide each team with a string and some colorful plastic flowers. The goal is to let each team design the best-looking lei. Allow each team 10 minutes to create their leis. Prepare a playlist of tropical or Hawaiian inspired music and play it all night long. If you can book a venue with a pool, then, by all means, do so. Decorate using bamboo torches or arrange floating candles in the pool for a more tropical vibe.

Famous Couples Theme

You must research first whether or not all the attendees have a significant other. If so, an anniversary party theme inspired by famous couples is an excellent way to enhance the party vibe. Think of famous couples like Barack and Michelle Obama, John Lennon and Yoko Ono, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, or Rose and Jack from the Titanic. Hand out prizes, such as a gift card, to the best-dressed couple.

Engage the attendees in a question and answer game about famous couples. Choose one person to be the facilitator of the game. Let this person stand in the front of the room and ask questions such as, “What’s the nickname of Jennifer Gray’s character in Dirty Dancing?” Place small bells at each table and select a representative from each group sitting at the table. Each correct answer is equivalent to 1 point. The team with the highest number of points is the winner.


Anniversaries are meant to be celebrated. Make it more unforgettable by choosing a terrific anniversary party theme. The key is to choose something that’s relevant to the couple. Did they have their honeymoon in Morgantown, WV? Then throw a country theme anniversary party complete with bonfire and smores.