Graduation Party Planning Do’s and Don’ts


Students spend many years doing homework and preparing for exams. Celebrating their graduation is important to show that we acknowledge all their efforts and sacrifices. Show your love for your dear graduates and host a graduation bash in their honor. If you are in charge of the event planning, then here are the dos and don’ts for hosting a graduation party.

The Do’s

Do customize the party – Make sure your graduation bash stands out from the rest by incorporating creative and customized elements. Decorate the venue with personalized posters, banners, and even streamers.

Do plan ahead – Avoid undue stress and prepare as much as you can the night before the graduation party. Arrange chairs, tables, and decor and clean the venue so food and beverages are the only things you need to set up on party day.

Do borrow or rent extra tables and chairs – Make sure the guests have ample space to enjoy the party food and drinks. It is highly recommended that you rent or borrow folding chairs and tables from friends or a party supplies shop.

Do set the stage – Let your guests feel the festive vibe as soon as they arrive. You can set up an entrance table filled with interesting stuff – items such as school memorabilia and grad photos. It is also nice to have a guest book or well wishes jar so guests can write down words of advice or sweet notes. The guests can also drop off their gifts on the table as they come in.

The Don’ts

Don’t send the invites at the last minute -Make sure that you send the invites at least a week before the party. Weekends are in high demand for celebrations, so send those invites and secure the party date before anyone else does.

Don’t keep the neighbors in the dark – Are you expecting a huge group of attendees? Inform your neighbors in advance about the potential noise and limited street parking. People appreciate considerate neighbors, whether you’re from California or Morgantown, WV.

Don’t forget to include games and fun activities Keep the party vibe alive by offering guests more than just food and beverages. Include fun activities like a trivia game about the graduate and give out prizes to the winners, set up exciting backyard games, or install a photo booth.

Don’t forget to play the hottest tunes – The right music can elevate any event and sets the mood for a killer graduation party. Set up a place for dancing so guests can show off their cool dance moves.

Don’t forget to stock up on ice – Everyone is starting to feel the summer heat and will want to celebrate with a cold drink. You can ask a close pal to pick up ice on their way to the party should you lack freezer space.

Lastly, book a catering service so you won’t have to worry about food preparation. Select easy to serve food items such as tacos or burgers. You can also set up a dessert station to please your sugar-loving guests.