Fun and Exciting Graduation Party Games

cup gameIn a few months,  people will be busy attending graduation ceremonies.  Students will finally reap the fruits of their labor after years of hard work.  Give them a fun and memorable graduation party as a reward. Games are a sure-fire way to add excitement to any graduation bash.  Are you in charge of event planning? We got your back. Here are some exciting yet budget-friendly graduation party games.

Jetsetting Graduate

You’ll need: ping pong balls (2 colors), duct tape, markers, bucket

Select 6 to 10 places the graduate would like to travel to.  Using the marker and tape, label each bucket with the destinations. For example, the graduate wants to visit Morgantown, WV – then label a bucket with Morgantown. Arrange the buckets in a cool shape like a heart or star.  Use the tape to create two lines that are about ten feet away from the buckets.

Let’s Play: 

Instruct the players to form two groups and assign each group a color.  Using a timer, give them a certain amount of time to make their shots. You can also vary the scores for each bucket.  The group with the highest score wins the prize. Opt for travel-related items like luggage tags or passport holders.

Wiggly Pants

You’ll need: Music, ping pong balls, 2 velcro waistbands, 2 small empty tissue boxes, hot glue gun.

Attach the tissue boxes to the middle of the waistbands a day before the party using the glue gun.  Fill each box with ping pong balls.

Let’s Play:

Divide the players into two teams.  One member from each team will wear the waistband with the tissue box behind their backs.  Once the music plays, each player will shake all the ping pong balls out of the tissue box.  The first one to empty his/ her box gets a point and the group with the most points wins.


You’ll need: music, balloons

Fill each balloon to its maximum capacity.  

Let’s play:

You need two teams for this game.  Give each team a balloon. Each pair should face away from each other while holding the balloon between their lower backs.  Play the music so the players can slowly dance their way to the floor without popping their balloons. The team who lasts the longest will be declared the winner.

A Toast To the Graduate

You’ll need: duct tape, foam balls, timer, water, disposable cups

Materials: disposable cups, foam balls, water, timer, duct tape

Let’s Play:

This game is best played outside.  Fill 10 disposable cups with water and line them up near the table’s edge.  Players should stand at least 10 feet away and ranked according to age. Give them foam balls so they can use them to know down all the cups.  Record each team’s time to determine who knocked down all the cups the fastest.  

Students endured a lot of hardships before they finally graduated.  Treat them to a memorable and festive graduation party. Keep the party vibe going with exciting and entertaining games that everyone can play.