Plan a Uniquely Awesome Party for Your Graduate

Awesome Ideas to Highlight Your Child’s Achievements:  How to Personalize Your Son or Daughter’s Graduation Party

One of the most memorable events in a young person’s life is their graduation day. They have endured hours of classes and numerous quizzes for them to be able to graduate. Throwing a graduation party for a loved one is a sweet gesture and they would surely remember it for years to come. Do you want to plan the best grad bash ever? Here are some creative tips on how to personalize a graduation party:

An eye-catching gift table

Untitled design

Usually, guests would see the gift table once they arrive at the party. However, a gift table is not only for dropping off gifts; guests can also leave congratulatory notes or pieces of advice. Place a box or bin nearby to hold the note cards. You can also place a scrapbook on the table so guests can write inspirational messages on it. Boost the fun factor by creating a photo collage showing your beloved’s journey to graduation day. If you have a projector screen, then you can show a homemade video featuring the graduate’s best moments.  


 Custom Graduation Party Favors


Create unique souvenirs to commemorate your graduate’s big day. Check out suppliers that offer customized party favors such as mugs, baseball caps, candies, frames, etc. Choose the graduate’s best photo and add them to the party giveaways. If you’re in Morgantown, WV, then you can order from local artisans who can design personalized party favors for you.

 The perfect playlist

blue record player

Choosing the right music is an important aspect of event planning. It sets the mood for an awesome celebration. A graduation party is no exception. Ask the grad what kind of music he/she listens to. Check out his/ her music collection (digital playlist or vinyl records) and check out the artists he/ she follows on social media. Try to come up with a good mix of upbeat and chill beats based on the grad’s musical tastes.

Graduation party photo wall


The graduate deserves to be in the spotlight, so highlight your guest of honor’s accomplishments and cherished memories. Put up a photo wall featuring cute baby pics, school pictures, and family snapshots. You can create a custom photo wall hanging by using assorted photos, a tie fishing line, a piece of twine, adhesive hooks and some wooden dowels.

A selfie station

selfie booth

They are called the selfie generation for a good reason. Give them what they want. Put up a selfie station but make it IG worthy. Install a plain background – select a color that complements the event’s theme. You can also include a colorful banner with a congratulatory message. Don’t forget to provide cool props such as funny hats, wacky glasses or cardboard thought bubbles. Make sure everyone has a selfie so you can send the guests personalized thank you cards with their photos.  In the Morgantown, West Virginia area, you can call the Selfie Studio LLC for your event.

Your loved one will forever remember his/ her graduation party- so make it a memorable one. Pro tip: plan early so you can be assured that you’ll have enough time to organize a fun and festive party.