Amazing Graduation Party Themes

One of the highlights of a student’s life is graduation day. They worked hard so they can graduate and start the next chapter of their lives. A fun and memorable graduation party is a great way to show that you value their efforts. Do you have a loved one who is graduating soon? Throw them a festive grad bash. You don’t need to be an expert in event planning to organize an amazing grad party. The following are some amazing graduation party themes to get you started.  


The Road Trip of Life

For graduates who are clueless about their life path, a road sign theme perfectly symbolizes the dilemma they face. 

  • Get some maps and use them as tablecloths and placemats.
  • Make use of classic road sign colors and shapes like a mustard square sign or red stop sign to label foods or activities.
  • Serve guests classic diner foods or fast food fare to enhance the road trip vibe.

The Real Deal

 Adult life can be challenging with bills, mortgages, toxic bosses, and raising kids. Ease your beloved graduate into the “adult world” with this real-life theme.

  • Decorate the tables with mismatched plates and tablecloths since most young people can’t afford matching sets.
  • Set-up stations where guests can make their own drinks and food – like a sandwich bar.
  • Hand out play money to guests and charge them for everything from beverages to using the restroom.

Music Fest

Bring the Coachella vibe to your backyard by incorporating music festival elements for an unforgettable night with their school friends.

  • Book a few live bands to play at the party all night long.
  • Entertain guests with fun, artsy activities like face or body painting.
  • Set-up food stalls like a sushi station and coffee shop or hire a few food trucks for the party.

 Ultimate Survivor

Play the grad party around shows like “Naked and Afraid” (omit the naked part) or “Survivor”.

  • Use colors like green and brown for your party decors.
  • Opt for an outdoor venue. If you live in Morgantown, WV, then you’re in luck. You will have a hard time choosing the venue because Morgantown is full of scenic outdoor spots.  
  • Choose classic survivalist foods like S’mores or freeze-dried options that campers use.

Stranger Things Party

This series has a huge following and works well for a grad bash since it features the real world and another dimension – symbolizing school life VS adult life.

  • Get inspiration from the ’80s where the show took place – use popular items from that era as decor.
  • Hang Christmas lights spelling out “Congratulations” on the wall like the iconic scene from the TV show.
  • Serve Eggo waffles, tater tots, tuna noodle casserole, Coke, and other foods featured on the show.
  • Create separate areas in the venue by hanging black plastic cover over the doorways where guests have to go through to enter another dimension.

Make your graduate feel loved and appreciated. Give them an unforgettable graduation party that they’ll remember for years to come.