Top Tips for an Epic Motorcycle Road Trip

Going on a motorcycle road trip with your loved one can be a wonderful experience, but you need to plan carefully to avoid unfortunate circumstances and stress. 

Don’t worry because this guide has all the necessary information for an epic motorcycle road trip.

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Choose The Right Bike

Comfort is key when choosing the bike to use on your road trip.  Remember that you and your partner are going to ride it for several hours or days.  Consider making a few modifications to enhance your ride’s comfort level.  Research and look for one that’s sturdy but requires low maintenance.  Look beyond the cool design and choose the appropriate motorcycle for your trip.

Bring Two Sets of Keys

This could prevent huge aggravations and delays!  Each of you carry an extra key — if you are on one motorcycle together, one key each, and if you are each on your own bike, carry a spare key for your partner.

Also, make sure you have new batteries for your key fobs or at least extra batteries.  Your Harley won’t start if your battery is dead.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

Choose the right clothes when going on a motorcycle road trip.   Use Gore Tex if you can afford it.  Opt for comfy shirts, riding pants, full-face helmets, ankle boots, and the most comfortable jackets you can find.  If you are expecting a bumpy ride then wear elbow and knee guards for extra protection.  As our good friend and long-distance charity rider Hoagy Carmichael of Hoagy’s Heroes always says, “Dress for the Slide, not the Ride.”

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is a vital aspect when going on a motorbike road trip.  If stopping for water is a hassle, then invest in an excellent hydration pack.  A water bottle not only keeps the water cold but it also has a long tube that you can use without stopping. 

Pack Light

Whatever luggage you choose to bring, choose one that can be easily attached to the back seat or sides of your bike and pack only the essentials.  You don’t need the extra weight to slow you down.  Bring disposable stuff that you can throw away after use.  Opt for sachets instead of bottles or boxes.  Pack only the necessary stuff.

Watch Out for Grass and Gravel!

Be prepared for the unexpected: slow moving farm equipment, grass clippings blown onto the road, loose gravel, or even a deer or cow.  Anything could be just around the bend!  Avoid taking turns too fast and watch for oil slicks on the road, especially at the beginning of a rainstorm.

Take a Break

You and your partner must take several breaks during your road trip.  Sitting on a motorcycle for long hours without breaks causes saddle sores.  Listen to your bike and body when it’s asking for a well-deserved break. 

Coopers Rocks

Coopers Rock State Park Overlook

Use the break to rest and also to refuel your tank and check your motorbike’s condition.  Doing so will save you both from unexpected difficult situations. 

Find the Perfect Place to Spend the Night


If you pass by Morgantown, West Virginia, then you must stay at The Lake Manor.  It’s a charming bed and breakfast that’s perfect for couples.  You and your partner will surely have a pleasant and memorable stay in this romantic inn.

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Secure your Maps

Technology will be a great help in your journey.  If you’re bad at remembering roads then get a reliable GPS gadget.  Wearing a helmet with Bluetooth is highly recommended. However, if you’re traveling to remote locations with no network, carrying paper maps can be quite helpful.  Don’t hesitate to ask locals for directions to avoid getting lost.

Motorcycle road trip maps are available by region.  Harley Davidson has a road trip planning app to find your best roads and best stops:

Motorcycle Roads also has great maps for planning your unforgettable ride:

“Where to ride?” is the question and “Moto-Maps®” is the answer! Moto-Maps are travel size 3.5″ x 6″ laminated flip charts of scenic back-roads for motorcyclists. Each booklet includes six to seven maps with turn by turn directions for 6 or 7 loops. Each ride is a full day trip ranging from 3 to 8 hours to complete.

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Prepare for Unexpected Weather

Since it’s a motorcycle road trip, you need to be aware of unpredictable weather conditions.  You may encounter sudden rains or even thunderstorms. Temperature can also change unexpectedly within a few minutes.  The two of you need to be prepared.  Bring raincoats and riding gear that can properly protect not only both of you but your luggage as well.

Now, Get on the Road and Make Some Memories!