Planning a Tea Party for your Little Princess

Many young girls enjoy impromptu tea parties with their friends or stuffed animals. They spend hours sipping imaginary tea and having a lovely chat with their playmates. Does your daughter enjoy hosting a tea party with her friends? Then why not plan a real tea party for her? It doesn’t require complicated event planning to organize one. Here are some tips on how to plan a wonderful tea party for your little girl:

little girl tea party

Choose a date and send the invites

A princess-themed tea party will surely be a hit for little girls who love princesses cand fairy tales. Choose an invitation that suits your theme and pick a time that works for the majority of the attendees. Typically, most tea parties start at 3 pm and luncheon tea parties start around 11 am.

Set the table

Cover the tables with colorful tablecloths and place tiny floral centerpieces on each one. If you can afford it, use cloth tea napkins instead of paper ones to make it fancier. As a final touch, use pretty floral teacups to make the table stand out more. Drop by local flea markets or thrift shops where you can find great deals on teacups. If you don’t have the time, then shop online and have them delivered to you. You can also mix and match the teacups for a more fun set-up.

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Select the “tea” and menu

Usually, a tea party menu consists of a small selection of buttery scones with jam, light sandwiches, and an assortment of dessert and pastries. However, for kids, you’ll want to serve something much simpler since they have different taste preferences.

 Menu suggestions:

  • Opt for bite-sized portions of peanut butter and jelly or strawberries and cream cheese sandwiches. Use cookie cutters to cut sandwiches to add a whimsical vibe.
  • Mini cupcakes or fruit tarts
  • Small home-made cookies or shortbread cookies
  • Fresh fruit salad

Since the kids aren’t yet ready for real tea, you could serve them iced tea, milk, or fruit juice.  

tea party little girl

Tea Party Games

Keep your little guests entertained by letting them play exciting party games. You can have a tiara decorating contest. Get some plain tiaras from your local party shop. Set-up craft stations with glitter, ribbons, glue, stickers, sequins, and rhinestones. If you chose to have a fairy theme, instead of tiaras, have the girls decorate wooden dowels to make their own fairy wands.

It’s no secret that little girls love dressing up. Create a dress-up station with a huge mirror and adorable costumes. Don’t forget to include fancy hats and costume jewelry to complement their fun outfits. You may also install a photo booth so they can have souvenir photos.

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Tea Party Giveaways

Every children’s party should have epic party favors. The customized tiaras and fairy wands can also serve as party giveaways. If you can spare them, then let your guests bring home the teacups they used as their party souvenirs. Are you located in Morgantown, WV? Then order handmade party tokens from talented artisans near you. You may also buy cheap trinkets like teacup keychains or cute stationery items.