Fabulous Tea Party Ideas for Kids

Who says only adults can have a fabulous tea party? Kids can also have a fun tea party with their friends. You don’t have to be an event planning expert to organize one. All you need are some creative ideas. Let’s start by exploring these cool children’s tea party themes.

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 Princess Tea Party

 If your little girl enjoys dressing up and fairy tales, then a princess theme is a perfect choice. Use her favorite fairy tale character as an inspiration for the party theme. Is her favorite princess Cinderella? Choose decors in shades of powder blue and white. Spruce up the venue with cute bird accents and pearlescent balloons. Serve foods shaped in pumpkins or glass slippers. You can also offer blue colored sodas or lemonade. Ask your guests to dress up as royalties for a more fancy vibe.

teddy bear tea party

 Teddy Bear Tea Party

 Children love their stuffed animals. Ask them to bring their beloved plush toys to the tea party. You can also let them dress up their teddy bears in tea time costumes. Decorate the venue with teddy bear inspired accents. Serve teddy bear-shaped cakes and cookies. You can also serve drinks in teddy bear teacups. Include the teddy bears in the party games and give out mini teddy bears as prizes. As for party favors, you may hand out bags of gummy bears.

outdoor tea party

Outdoor Tea Party

 Summer is the best time for any outdoor gathering. Host a fun tea party outdoors. Bonus points if you live in Morgantown, WV since you’ll have wide-open spaces. However, you don’t have to go far to have one. A garden or a front lawn would be an excellent venue. As for decor, you can use colorful paper lanterns or tea cup-shaped balloons. Offer delectable treats like flavored popcorn or fruit cups. Since it’s outdoors, you can opt for iced tea instead of hot beverages. Kids can wear comfy outfits such as shorts and flip-flops. Let them play games like musical chairs or a scavenger hunt. The key is to keep the party as simple and casual as possible. As for souvenirs, give guests tiny jars of organic honey or cute wooden toys.

 Arts and Crafts Tea Party

 If your kid loves to make his/ her own art, then this theme is a great choice. Stock up on art supplies like non-toxic paint, paintbrushes, mini canvases, colored pencils, sketch pads, etc. This is also a perfect tea party theme since it’s unisex. Serve food that’s easy to eat since the kids would be busy creating crafts. Opt for sliders, pizza, sandwiches, or even donuts. You can also serve drinks in different colors. Buy some clear plastic teacups so the colors would show through. Since the kids would get messy you can also buy disposable aprons and gloves. Make sure to have wet wipes, hand sanitizers, and paper towels available. You can also have the tea party outside so tidying-up is easy. Give guests mini easels or a box of art supplies as party giveaways.








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