Cool and Exciting Birthday Party Themes

Most people have attended a birthday celebration at least once. It’s not unusual for birthday party themes to be repeated numerous times. People deserve to be treated to an exciting and memorable party. Therefore, you have to think of exciting and unique ideas. Are you in charge of planning one soon? Then look no further and check out these cool and exciting birthday party themes.

Carnival Extravaganza

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Everyone loves to go to carnivals. Why not have a carnival themed birthday bash? You can rent a huge tent and introduce some fun games and activities. Offer guests some carnival treats like cotton candy or kettle corn as party favors. This is a great theme if you live in Morgantown, WV which is located near large parks.

Parisian Flair

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Does the celebrant like all things French? Then this is the perfect birthday party theme for him/ her. Tell the guests to wear chic berets and stripes. Serve delectable French treats like crepes and macaroons. Decorate the venue with Parisian elements like plastic croissants, Eiffel tower accents, and fresh blooms. If your budget allows it, then give guests mini champagne bottles as souvenirs. You can also opt for cheaper party favors like mini baguettes and fruit jams.

Doggie Wonderland

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This is an excellent birthday party theme for dog lovers. Let the guests bring their dogs and tell them to dress up their pets. Spruce up the venue with dog houses, paw prints, or bone accents. Order customized dog treats like tiny cupcakes and sliders. Hand out chew toys or dog tags as party giveaways.

Sports Fest

If the guest of honor is a sports buff, then he/ she will surely love this wonderful theme. Know the celebrant’s favorite sport and use it as the inspiration for the birthday party. Does the celebrant like tennis? Then decorate using tennis rackets and balls. Guests can also dress up in their cool tennis outfits (rackets optional). Serve drinks named after famous tennis players like Andre Agassi or Serena Williams. The key is to keep it casual and low-key.

Karaoke Battle

Music lovers will surely enjoy this karaoke inspired birthday theme. Rent out a top-notch sound system and hang some colorful lights. Build a makeshift stage where your guests can perform their favorite karaoke songs. Don’t forget to serve refreshing drinks and yummy appetizers. Give your guests toy microphones or CDs as party souvenirs.

There are many exciting birthday party themes that you can choose from. The important thing is that whatever theme you choose, it must be based on the celebrant’s taste and preference. You must also ask the guest of honor what kind of things he/she likes. Know what kind of music or foods he/she loves.

Age and gender are also a huge factor. If the celebrant is a minor, then you must see to it that the party is age-appropriate. It’s best to consult with his/ her parents or guardians before you start organizing the birthday party. Follow these guidelines for a stress-free event planning experience.